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Where have all the queens gone?

I just checked my AMYO farm hives this morning and am having major queen drama! Ethiopia's queen has gone missing, leaving a barren waste land of empty brood cells. Japan has a queen, but she has only laid about 20 brood on each comb, when she should be laying 3000 per comb and the comb is really odd looking. Ireland should have started making emergency supercedure cells after I removed their queen, but they didn't.

I was considering raising 3 new emergency queens, but it is getting fairly late in the season. I'm going to be closing up my hives end of September and it will take these hives until end of August to have a queen who is laying eggs.  I think I am going to expedite this process and buy some queens on the internet. Mail order queens. They're coming in tomorrow USPS and I can't wait for the call from the nervous postal employee telling me to hurry up and pick up my bees.

I've had mixed results raising queens this year. The early splits in spring turned out some amazing queens, but I also produced the pure evil queen from Russia. I'm taking a weekend class in a couple of weeks with Zia Queen Bee and hope I can pick up some interesting tips in their "Into Her Majesties Quarters, Queen Rearing Workshop".

All those pointy tips on the comb is NOT NORMAL! What's up with these bees?

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