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Ants, Ireland's new illegal alien


Ireland has been invaded by tiny little sugar ants. I've noticed that the bees can take care of the big ants, but these little ones escape their radar. Today, I reached for my secret weapon.... El Guapo Chile Cayenne. I recently heard about this technique on the Sangre de Cristo Beekeepers in Northern NM's Yahoo Group page. By the way, Sangre de Cristo Beekeepers is a kick'n name for a group. I may or may not have joined them solely based on their great name and then, remained a member because of the steady stream of honest information. I sprinkled a good thick base of a fiery spice around the base of Ireland and I'm hoping it will keep the ants away, before they do any damage to the hive.


  1. As you know, similar issue with my hive. I did chile powder, which helped but really didn't solve things. Mother Nature seems to have come to the rescue; I have had (for the past couple of weeks) a grip of new wasps (like 50-100) hovering around the ground near the hive.

    I looked for a ground nest or mating or other reasons they are like Potteresquely floating along the ground in a group. Them I noticed that there pretty much aren't anymore ants climbing up the hive legs :)

  2. Sounds like I need to get some wasps! I just checked the hive yesterday and it looks like the chili powder isn't really doing the trick. It almost looks like something is eating the chili powder, or moving it out of the way. I changed the type of hive stand and hoping that will help the situation.