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My newest mistake means death to mail order queens

I checked the new mail order queen bees and discovered disaster. I am never again installing my queen bees by pushing their queen cages into the comb. In Ethiopia, the cage had fallen from the comb and landed so that the bees couldn't clean out the sugar plug to let the queen bee out. Death. In Iceland, the bee cage was so firmly crushed into the honey comb that the queen suffocated. Death. Ireland was able to release their queen. Life. The canale trapout queen is still a mystery until Monday. 

I'm becoming a better beekeeper all the time, but unfortunately I am making bad mistakes along the way. From now on, I am tying the wooden queen cage to a completely empty topbar, so there is no way the bees can't get to the queen. I'm also never going more than 2 days after installing a new queen cage before checking to see if she was released. 

With humility and humbleness, Jessie

Rest in Peace

I'm never installing queens like this again

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