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The Most Ridiculously Easy way to Clean Beeswax

I've been trolling the internet for a new wax harvesting system and ended up on Linda's Bees. The site introduced me to this wax processing system that I quickly became addicted to! Check out how ridiculously easy it is to process small batches of clean wax:
 A cooler with a flat top lined with aluminum foil to catch any drippings.
 A plastic tupperwear with one inch of water, a papertowel rubberbanded to the bowl. On top, set a handful of comb cleaned of honey.
 Put the tupperwear into the cooler.
 Add a sheet of glass to the top to create a solar oven. Here in our 90 degree New Mexico weather, the beeswax will melt away from the coccons and waste in the beeswax comb and drip slowly through the paper towel within a few hours.
All that is left on the top of the paper towel is the cocoons and waste, or the slumgum. (My new favorite word= slumgum)
 Peel off the paper towel top for the big reveal... a clean layer of wax floating on water.
 The side view of the container showing water on the bottom and hardened beeswax on top.
 Beautiful wax!!!
The beeswax filled paper towel gets put into my fuel bucket for my hive smoker since it is a fantastic fire starter now. The slumgum, or bee waste product gets composted.


  1. Cool stuff and thanks for the tip re: the hole saw.

  2. I hope that was obvious that I intended to post this to your "Michael Bush Visits New Mexico" thread.