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Queen of Russia WANTED, dead or alive

Holy moly, I peaked in at Russia today and got my but handed to me. Those ladies were M-E-A-N! No sooner did I open up a space around the first topbar did I have bees pelting my face net. I just happened to have my gloves on because I was straightening out the semi touchy hive Switzerland, otherwise I'd have a sting for every finger.

Russia was a hive that I noticed had almost complete queen cells about 40 days ago. Since then, Russia raised their own devil spawn queen child and in turn, she laid 10,000 devil spawn children, who all had hatched and were just waiting for me.

I'm so happy I caught this hive when there was only 5 bars of brood. I had to pull out every single bar and endure mad bees pelting my face mask and arms, while hunting down the evil queen. I finally found her and had no qualms about squishing her against the floor of her hive. I know this sounds callus, but if this hive grew any bigger, it would be totally impossible to deal with. Every bee has her mother's genetics and if the queen is aggressive, all the workers will follow suit.

I then decided that rather than letting the bees raise a new queen with possibly aggressive genetics, I would just join this hive with super awesome Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a small swarm I captured in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque. They are chill, lovable, and most importantly, not EVIL. Hopefully, the relaxed environment of their new hive and queen will calm down Russia's workers.

Dead queen, you are going to a better place.
She is in the middle, surrounded by workers touching her. 
No more Russia

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