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Candles Made from Separate Wax Harvests

And now introducing the first candles I have made this season with some help from the the "Dutchess of Candlemaking", Lori!

The color on these candles is from 3 different wax harvests! Each time I harvest wax, I get differing ages of comb. The wax takes on the color of the honey, pollen and is also colored by baby bee cocoons accumulating over time. Rather than melting the harvests together, I have kept them separate and have a few colors of wax.

These candles turned out well, but I have to perfect a few techniques. It's really hard to gauge the right temperature to pour in the next layer of wax. If you don't wait long enough, the colored layers melt together and get muddy. If you wait too long, the different waxes crack apart from each other when you pull out the candle from the molds.

We also spent some time trying to figure out the right width of wick to use. I have learned that you need to use a wick one or 2 sizes larger than the paraffin equivalent, otherwise the candle burns out within a few minutes. Also, any particles in the wax will effect the way the wax burns.

I'll keep on experimenting with wax. Lori wants to show me how to make "ice candles" next!

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