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I'm an urban topbar beekeeper in Albuquerque, NM. I manage hives in backyards and small organic farms within city limits. These hives are probably pollinating your veggie patches right now. Visit my website at:


Free bee botox, aka moving bees at night is no fun

You know I love some bees. I love bees all day and all.... not night. Definitely I do not love some bees at night. We just spent from 9 pm to 2 am moving 2 1/2 hives. First, we pulled the canale trapout. James's firefighter skills were well used as he threw together a whole bunch of fancy knots around a seat belt and lowered the hive 2 stories form the rood to the ground. This was a success. We denied an offer of beer to continue on to Bosque Farms to move 2 hives, and this is where our troubles started.

The reason I had to move these perfectly content hives was GMO corn a block away from the bee hives. What does GMO corn do to bees? I don't know. I don't know if anybody knows. I have heard that GMO corn is poisonous to bugs from a DNA level on. Correct me if I wrong. Every part of the plant is no good for bugs. Here is a wikipedia article on Genetically Modified Food. This is good for corn, but not so good for the bugs. Anyway, the corn was beginning to tassel and even though corn is wind pollinated, that is a lovely bunch of pollen for some bees to feed their bee babies or brood. Farmer Jesse was concerned about the bee's health and that was enough to make me concerned.
Spooky GMO corn
By the way, bees at night are mean, mean, mean, mean, meaaaan. In a smooth night-hive moving operation, you slap some tape over the entrance and move the hive. Tonight, the bees were bearding (or hanging in a ball outside the hive). We tried every trick in the book to get the bees back into their hives. We smoked them, we brushed them, we sang poems, and we endured blind, dive bombing bees. You have to move a hive at night because if you move it during the day, you lose all the work force. At night, the bees have all returned to the hive. During the day, bees are super lovable. At night, they crawl and they don't ask questions, they just sting.

We were finally able to sloppily stick some tape over the entrance and get the hives into my brand new, as of today, Toyota Tacoma.... that I promptly dumped a gallon of cow manure all over the back seat on. Oh well. That's what pickups are for. We get the hives to AMYO Farms on Central and Atrisco and realized that the bees from Canada were escaping through a bottom hole in the hive. It was a mess of bees in the back of the truck and we worked and worked and worked and finally got the hives moved to their new homes. No GMO corn for you bees! You are welcome!

Also, thank you for my free face botox, aka a sting on the tip of my nose that has filled in all my wrinkles, and my eyelids and my cheeks with swelling. You probably won't recognize me tomorrow. I better cut this short before I can't see at all!

Canada bearding

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